there’s always be the first time!

For years, I have a kind of mindset that I would never be able to run. Run, here as in running non stop all through for miles. Yes, I used to hate running. I remember how I was always be the last one to get to finish my warming-up exercise during field hockey practice back in high school. Yes, of course I was just a typical-not sporty Asian in the middle of Caucasian who likely born to be athletes. So I just thought, oh well…

Yes, I was underestimate myself all this time. But as getting older, lack of good stamina (and of course, gain more weight) I begin to have this kind crave of doing sport/ outdoor activities, just because. Well ya, besides I need to be a role-model for my kiddo that we need a balance indoor/outdoor activity. I don’t want he’s ended up being a couch-potato, of course!

So, after on-off trying to get up from bed, putting on my running shoes and get out from house, finally I did some run. From the start, I set myself to finish it in 30 minutes, running, walking and whatever. It starts from 2K in 30 minutes, then 3K, and so on. Of course, I haven’t able to run all through 3K or even 1K non stop. Let alone running all through in 30 minutes. But for me, being able to run more than 500m is still a huge achievement!

Then before I knew it, I signed-up for a 5K fun run race. Yup, my first running race ever! Although it was fun run and I had Putra and Sigi came along, but then Putra encouraged me to do a real run and make all my practices paid-off. So I left them behind for their fun run (thank you boys for cheering me on!) and finished my real run in 44:00, which is not bad for a real beginner like moi! Woohooo!

2012-10-21 08.38.35 2012-10-21 07.58.20

So, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Let’s do something new in 2013!

Right now I’m working on my breathing exercise to help a better run and I think I finally know the difference between jog and run: you put targets on running while you don’t do it while jogging. Yes I think it is.


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